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Bridging the gap between
Farmers and Buyers

Enabled by reliability and efficiency, our digital platform is a virtual marketplace where farmers find the right price for their produce and buyers can have quality assurance. Through technology and strong partnerships, we aim to enhance the supply chain of fruits and vegetables in the international market.

Daily Market Rates

We rigorously collect data from certified sources in the market and act as a neutral reference point for prevailing market rates.

Track & Trace

We will provide transit information of the shipment and real time temperature checks throughout the journey. In addition, we offer pre-harvest data for specialized buyers

Digital Marketplace

Enabling farmers by steering through the complexities of the international market from the comfort of their own homes.

End to End Logistics

The platform provides transportation, custom clearance and live temperature tracking till the final destination. Buyers can monitor every move their shipment takes!

Insurance and Trade Finance

Farmers will receive their payments instantly while buyers will be offered credit through corporate financiers.

Cargo Quality Inspection

We appoint a neutral body that surveys the cargo before loading based on globally accepted standards



FarmUnboxed uses technology to help farmers find the right price for their produce in the international markets.

By introducing services such as insurance, trade finance, payment gateway, end-to-end logistics, and cargo tracking FarmUnboxed facilitates the farmer with all support needed for international trade.



FarmUnboxed uses technology to help importers directly buy produce from farmers in developing countries. FarmUnboxed provides the importers with a selection of farm exporters who have a proven track record of consistent supply of quality produce.

Every shipment is quality inspected at international standards prior to shipment. FarmUnboxed creates a reliable and transparent ecosystem that helps importers buy with confidence.


To effectively bridge the gap between farmers and consumers


To engineer and improve global fruit and vegetable trade with the help of

About us

FarmUnboxed takes the road less travelled to build a space that is characterises by efficiency and innovation. Birthed by Kuruvilla Varghese Chalishery, FarmUnboxed reengineers a demand-driven digital marketplace for fruits and vegetables.

With the use of technology, his mission of fostering a close relationship between global farmer communities and retail is made into a reality. Motivated by his desire to eliminate existing market challenges, he creates an efficient module with a reimagined supply chain that enhances the lives of farmers, benefits consumers, maximises visibility and develops trust.




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