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About FarmUnboxed

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FarmUnboxed is an innovative digital platform that helps farmers find the right price for their produce in international markets and enables buyers to obtain quality produce at competitive prices. The platform provides live wholesale rates for commodities in international markets along with data-backed analytics and forecasting. Enabling informed business decisions, FarmUnboxed also offers Farmers and buyers: Direct global access with a single click Secure payments and digital documentation Live tracking for increased visibility End to end logistics support

FarmUnboxed takes the road less travelled to build a space that is characterised by efficiency and innovation. Birthed by Kuruvilla Varghese Chalishery, FarmUnboxed reengineers a demand-driven digital marketplace for fruits and vegetables. With the use of technology, his mission of fostering a close relationship between Indian farmers and international buyers is made into a reality.Motivated by his desire to eliminate existing market challenges, he creates an efficient module with a reimagined supply chain that enhances the lives of farmers, benefits consumers, maximises visibility and develops trust.



To effectively bridge the gap between farmers and consumers



To engineer and improve global fruit and vegetable trade with the help of Technology, Networking & Strong Partnership