By November 3, 2021

While we officially founded FarmUnboxed on the 22nd of November 2020, the seeds had begun to germinate in the mind much earlier. With an ambition of eliminating all intermediaries and directly connecting farmers to consumers I decided to quit a cushy 15-year corporate career and pursue an idea. Fast forward 1 year…

  • We are now 2 ambitious founders in FUB with complimentary skill sets
  • We have executed over 40 containers of fresh produce i.e. approx. 520 tons; enough F&V intake for 10,000 people for an entire year
  • We have generated a little over half a million USD in revenue
  • We are backed by institutional Investors willing to bet (big) on the idea

More importantly

  • A family who believes in me and willing to back me up through thick and thin
  • A journey of self-discovery, slowing down, refocusing, brutal prioritization
  • Making new friends, losing a few…
  • Knowing when to let go, even when you know you are right

A year ago I would have been super excited to have these milestones before our first anniversary. But today if you ask me….Ye dil mange more! (The Heart wants more!)