By December 6, 2021

As an entrepreneur, we are often convinced that the idea we have can potentially change the world. This fallacy is the only reason we relentlessly strive to make our dream a reality. Most of us new age digiprenuers are convinced that the digitization is the new math, it’s the new black it’s the new T20!! We spend months in the laboratory with our tech team and create an MVP of something amazing. Maybe the world has not seen the potential yet and they look at you like, that’s it??

Then you take your baby to customers, and they refuse to touch it with a ten feet pole. We feel perhaps it’s our own inability to present the product or to tell the story that keeps everyone from seeing how amazing the product really is. The fact is the world has come to be in a certain way and when you want to change, there will be resistance. If you are able to weed out the positive from the negative and keep chipping away, you will soon arrive at a product that “some” early adopters are willing to give it a try… At this stage don’t forget to stop and make a small celebration!!!