By August 20, 2021

I didn’t realize until I did it. Zero to 1 is the most difficult part of starting any new business, especially when you are trying to create something out of nothing. The inertia is against you, there is no momentum, and you are pushing against these forces. You are trying hard to disrupt the status quo; while there constantly is internal and external resistance. It takes months; sometimes even years for you to take a massive step. To an outsider, it is an insignificant move, but for you, it is the world.

Every start-up story has a similar journey and before you know it, the momentum is with you, and all those months of effort start to manifest as results. It is like the old story, of the labourer hitting the rock a 100 times with no visible change only to crack the rock after the 101st hit. Or the seedling that germinates under the soil for days to suddenly spring out of the soil one fine day with a well-formed root and stem.

Zero to 1 is the most important part of any new customer, product or start-up. It’s about getting your first customer. Don’t give up; things will look difficult before they start looking up for you and your venture. We are starting a team blog to share with you our journey in building the incredible FarmUnboxed.